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paper collage.

My art, a form of collage mastered over many years of thoughtful practice, involves taking tiny paper cut-outs from magazines and gluing them onto wood panels. It is a slow and deliberate process that provides a sense of calm and relaxation, forcing me to truly be in the moment. I believe that giving myself time to be still and to focus on the creation at hand can be a healing and strengthening process similar to meditation.​


my inspiration.

Inspired by the charm and simplicity of the colourful houses in my neighbourhood, my creations capture the texture of Maritime communities in a detailed, yet utilitarian, way.


I often turn to the houses within a short walking distance of my North End Halifax home in Nova Scotia for inspiration. Full of energy and colour, my artwork attempts capture the feeling of a neighbourhood walk showcasing the vibrancy and uniqueness of the place I call home.

social responsibility.

  • Original paper collage made from previously-loved magazines (giving printed material a second life).

  • Cards and prints on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper containing recycled fibre.

  • A percentage of profits donated to Plan International Canada - striving to advance children's rights and equality for girls around the globe.

  • Support for Feed Nova Scotia - a portion of profits from the sale of greeting cards & prints shared as a monthly donation.

  • Starting in 2022 I will donate 10% of profits from the sale of greeting cards & prints to Tree Canada - helping to green rural & urban communities across Canada

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purchasing my artwork.

In addition to original artwork, I also sell greeting cards and prints. They can be purchased from my online shop or from Inkwell Handmade Modern Boutique, a lovely local Halifax retailer. Original pieces are for sale at Argyle Fine Art

I also take on commissioned work periodically, so please contact me directly for related inquiries.

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