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How to care for an original paper collage:

Keep out of direct sunlight and very bright spaces

Each original paper collage is coated with a UV-protective varnish to help protect from sunlight but pieces should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid colours fading.

Frame with a UV-protected glass

Sunlight can cause damage to all kinds of art (even paintings and photographs) so picking a frame with UV-protected glass is recommended.

Use a mat when framing

Not only does using a mat when framing help the artwork stand out, it will also help prevent the artwork adhering to the glass.

Avoid spraying and wiping chemicals around frame's edge

When cleaning the glass of framed artwork, avoid spraying and wiping chemicals around the edge of the frame where it meets glass as the cleaner could leak in and cause damage.

Keep artwork in an environment with controlled temperature and moisture

When selecting a space to hang your original paper collage artwork, you should look for somewhere that is cool and dry. Avoid storing pieces in environments that are damp or too warm.

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